Eugene Blumberg, CPA
Eugene Blumberg is the founder and President of “Eugene Blumberg, CPA”, a fully automated and integrated private accounting firm which handles a range of corporate and individual clients. He commenced operations as a small solo practitioner after several years working for a private accounting firm. Prior to beginning his accounting career, Blumberg completed his college education at New York University.

From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, Blumberg learned the work ethic and vision necessary to be a successful entrepreneur from his father who toiled in the garment center for many years. This shaped his path, as Blumberg was determined to have a profession to enable the stability of work for an anticipated family. When he graduated from college and got married, he worked for several accounting firms where he learned his craft as well as developed some of the interpersonal skills necessary to generate business and maintain client relations. He decided to open his own firm because the final decisions with respect to tax positions proffered by clients would be his, and the ability to truly plan and educate clients was something Mr. Blumberg desired. With a small baby girl, Mr. Blumberg spent the last dollars he had, acquiring a small accounting practice with no safety net.

Today, Mr. Blumberg’s natonal accounting practice is considered state of the art for a small private accounting practice. His clients have ranged and continue to include major international photographers to entertainers and international architecture firms. He is both well-equipped and tax savvy to engage in the most intricate of corporate transactions as well as handle with particular aplomb individual clients facing the daunting task of negotiating with the foreboding IRS and various state tax departments.

Blumberg also has been an active and passive investor in numerous business ventures with a particular niche in early stage sales organizations that have substantive value-added product/content to deliver. His track record, especially with respect to his conservative, due diligence approach, makes him an invaluable leader who literally has encountered a myriad of business situations with response that is both timely and acute. Blumberg is a member in good standing of the AICPA and all other national accounting organizations.

Eugene Blumberg has employed hundreds of accounting professionals and trained voluminous accountants. He remains the constant, stabilizing force behind his company’s performance and reputation. His success, while well documented, is largely attributable to his deep family roots.